Just 3 minutes in boiling water

Chef Choo, Instant Noodle

Fast and Simple

No Cooking Required


Excellent Taste

Various Taste

Various Flavors

Chef Hoo's Products

Chef Hoo noodles are produced in different flavors and variety of packagings like noodles in flat packaging, noodles in cup, noodles in bowl and etc.

Quality First

Chef Hoo products are made of high quality natural healthy ingredients under supervision and monitoring of food professionals and experienced engineers by using and implementing the brand new machinery with capacity of high production and most accurate QC systems.

Chef Hoo Advantages

Goldis Roya Food is producing instant noodles with minimal oil absorption and has came up a different taste and quality comparing to other noodle products, to be mentioned that each flat pack contains 85 grams of noodles which is almost 20 % more than the other noodles without price differentiation comparing to them.

Chef Hoo, Simply Delicious!

Chef Hoo instant noodle is a simple food prepared and ready to consume only in 3 minutes! This popular Asian food has a lots of fans in all over the world specially among youth, they can easily have it in school, office, trip, camping and etc.

Chef Hoo Factory and Production Line